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How’s it going this morning guys we are going back to my childhood I don’t know exactly when this was invented but it is
definitely the best invention of the last like 20 years the McGriddle you guys familiar it’s a
breakfast sandwich which is already the best food and they stepped it up a notch they injected with a syringe maple syrup
into the bread and it’s like a pancake bread with maple syrup in it it’s just like a sweet breakfast sandwich it’s so
good we’re gonna do our take on that we’re gonna make a McGriddle quiche and to do that we’re going to be using this
little tart pan here it pops out I like using these so it doesn’t stick is really easy to use we have done a few
things ahead of time one is we have this ball of sweet pie crust and this recipe is from our food blog we’ll link it
below really easy to make the only addition we made to this recipe is we added some vanilla to it to just give it
that McGriddle flavor if you have maple extract though you can add a little bit of that to the dough too so I have this
in the fridge just so it’s easier to work with if you take this right when you’re done making it it’s impossible to
turn into a crust and we’re just going to put it between a few pieces of parchment paper and roll it out with a
rolling pin okay so once you get it to about the size of the pan you’re going to be using your all done that looks
good and I think the easiest way to transfer it is by hand and then just press it in
to make sure it goes all the way to the edge and if you put it in a little uneven like this you can just trim some
off and put it over here where it doesn’t quite touch and then wherever it’s above the tart rim just run a knife
along with it with this crust one problem, you may run into is when we bake it’s going to puff up and then you won’t have
as much room for filling so to prevent that we’re gonna put a piece of parchment paper on top and this will
also prevent the crust from burning too much it’ll cook through without burning and then we’re gonna place this pan just
right on top to prevent it from rising and we’re gonna bake this at 375 for 15 minutes okay guys the crust was in for
fifteen minutes and you can see that the pan held it down because it was trying to rise on us now all that’s left to do
is make the filling for the filling we’re gonna do four eggs and one cup of heavy cream that’s kind of an extreme
ratio but that’s going to give us more of the like delicious sweet creamy McGriddle e type of taste in this bowl
here we’re gonna crack four eggs and we’re gonna add one cup of heavy cream and then just hit it with a little salt
and pepper give it a little whisk just mix it all together if you want to use a hand mixer you could do that too that
would mix it up even better now right here we have 1/2 pound of bacon that we’ve already cooked crumbled removed
the fat we’re gonna place that in the bottom of this pie crust here that’s gonna be the base layer probably just do
bacon bits too if you’re really lazy, yeah if you’re super lazy you can just go to McDonald’s drive-through get a
McGriddle two four four sometimes they have deals then we’re gonna layer in a cup of shredded cheddar cheese so I’m
gonna be quite the same because you know mcgriddes use Kraft American singles and then lastly we’re just gonna pour
the egg mixture is on top hopefully there’s enough room no I think there is awesome okay now we’re gonna put this in
the oven 350 degrees so a little bit lower you got to lower the oven temperature for 40 to 45 minutes but
you’re gonna want to check on it probably starting at about the 30-minute mark just keep an eye on this crust here
okay any of the exposed crust that could burn we’ll be back when it’s done check it outlook at that how much it rose oh
yeah oh my goodness so this was only in for 30 minutes and guys our oven runs pretty hot so it might be more closer to
40 minutes for you so you could do a toothpick test just to see that it comes out clean you’re gonna
want to let this rest for about 10 minutes we’re just gonna get after it here and it’s gonna be quite hard the
edges didn’t burn they’re actually just like a beautiful dark brown color and there we have it can you say McGriddle
quiche okay time to slice into it oh yeah so creamy check that out I love how that’s cooked
like nice and tender it’s not overcooked so you’re wondering what makes this a McGriddle quiche the answer is the crust
is sweet has a little vanilla in there but if you want to make it a true McCrystal quiche you’re gonna need some
kind of syrup so we have this Walden Farms pancake syrup some people call it chemical farms rightfully so because
it’s entirely made of chemicals but there’s a lot of keto syrups on the market they all suck
this is like the best-tasting one there is and you can find this one at stores you can’t really find keto made syrups
at stores we use this from time to time it’s the best tasting one there is although other keto ones are just really
bad you can drizzle a little bit of this on there and where do you find the syrup at Browz Walmart a lot of places have
this will link it below you get on Amazon – are we going back to my childhood yeah and some crust mmm
exactly like a McGriddle Wow I mean the syrup is really what makes it but you get the sweet crust and just the
consistency of the filling is so good it’s not too overcooked when the crust starts browning the inside is just
perfectly cooked really great recipe this is a winner make this for your next brunch and it’s a winner
honestly, the syrup really makes it I’m wondering what would happen if you mix this in with the egg mixture that could
be could be a winner it could be bad also probably it’d be good you guys have to give it a try if you’re missing
McGriddle ‘z as always the description step by step how to make this is linked below in the description of this video
check out our website keto connect net we got all kinds of recipes we got breakfast recipes like crazy because I
love breakfast we got all kinds of recipes check out the website keto connect to net and comment below with what
new recipes you want us to try coming up with [Music]

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